Oh, The Heresy!

Just thought I’d put all my cards on the table and tell you I train with food rewards, if you haven’t guessed it already.

I unabashedly feed rewards from my hand. I know full well this is a giant no-no in the minds of many, many trainers.

I even reward with food under saddle.  The funny thing about this is, my horses seem to really enjoy being ridden. Maybe it’s because the source of all good things, me, is on their back. I’m like a portable lunch box accessible at all times. They like to take me with them. Continue reading


Aversives: A Fancy Word for “Ouch”

A friend of mine sent me a link to the website of the Association of Animal Behavior Professionals.

Lots of big words on AABP’s site, but check out their general statement, which pertains mostly to dog trainers. I’ve bolded the parts that I thought were awe inspiring. How very cool would it be if we had something like this for horse trainers. Continue reading

Horse Pucky: Helmets

To wear or not to wear.




Horse Pucky: Stay in Shape

Why some horse owners don’t need a gym.


. . .

Today’s comic strip was created in honor of my absolute favorite coffee mug. You can buy it online at Hoofprints.com.




When to Look for Horse Pucky (the Comics)

Most of the time you can find horse pucky right after your horse eats. But if you’re looking for the comics, they’ll usually be posted early weekday mornings. On the weekends I’ll be making more!


Horse Pucky: On the Bit

The ultimate mystery.




Video: Starting Raleigh with Attraction

tvHere’s a look at my present experiment: Starting a horse using mostly attraction.

All of these video clips were shot on our third ride. The first two rides looked exactly the same. I put the videos in the basic order of the sequence that they were taught. My goal was to create in Raleigh’s mind a wonderful first and lasting impression of what it would be like to carry a rider.  Continue reading