A Penchant for Fuzzies

mollie-closeupMy Clydesdale Raleigh isn’t the only fuzzy, feathered, four-legged member of my family. I couldn’t resist sharing this photo op of some very special fuzzies who were kind enough to allow me to join them with my camera.

. . .

. . .

Meet Molly (left) and Trixie, my pound puppies. Molly is about two years younger than Trixie. They came from separate Humane Societies a few days apart. I was told that Trixie, the yellow fuzzy, was used for breeding hybrid puppies for a mill. Molly, the multi-colored fuzzy, was a two time Humane Society drop off. She was adopted out at 4 months old then returned at 9 months. That’s when we found her.

. . .

This highly smoochable face belongs to Molly. She is probably the most intuitive dog I’ve ever known. When we brought her home, it was sadly evident that her previous owners communicated with her using newspapers or other objects that may have been used for swatting. Needless to say she’s very sensitive to loud voices, sudden movements and anything that sounds like a swat or a swish. She’s making an amazing transition in a household that communicates with positive reinforcement. Her breed is anyone’s guess. If I could invent a breed, she’d be a Silky Jack.

. . .

Don’t let Trixie’s deep, soulful, brown eyes fool you. She’d rather tackle you in a firm bear hug than be admired for her thoughtful gaze. I think in a former life she was a football player. She is Molly’s opposite. Trixie is bold, powerful and fearless. Trixie looks like she’s a giant Cairn Terrier (Chernoblian Cairn?). She may be mixed with Australian Cattle Dog, which would explain her fascination with the horses. Her absolute passion and joy is simply time spent on my king sized bed, especially with her fuzzy buddy Molly.

. . .

And, Action! By the way, these are the first terriers I’ve owned. They spend so much time interlocked that I have to make sure I really have two of them. Trixie’s fearless, live-for-fun nature must be a big part of helping Molly see that life is good.

. . .

I love this photo. I still can’t tell whose mouth belongs where. I think the word Terrier should be synonymous with wrestler or shredder or digger. I tell people who are contemplating getting a Terrier to get two. I have no doubt a lone Terrier could easily ‘terrier up’ a house, or at least devour a couch. Maybe in this case Terrier means two-headed, whirling dervish.

. . .

Yes, this dervish-fest is taking place on my king sized bed, a place of peace and restoration, which has now been dubbed Fight Bed. Fight Bed is the location of an exclusive club where Terriers/Wrestlers can blow off some steam, rather than eat my couch.

. . .

After a few rounds, Fight Bed becomes Cuddle Bed. All is calm in the land for about 10 minutes, until they catch their breath. Wrestle, rest, repeat!



3 thoughts on “A Penchant for Fuzzies

  1. they’re adorable! i had a dog that looked just like molly when i was a kid and he was the best. his name was pydash (hungarian for little friend). my dad found him abandoned at a gas station and he lived to be 18. may they both give you many days of laughter and love…

  2. I can totally relate! Up until a few weeks ago, we were the privileged owners of 2 Jack Russels. Sadly my older (14) dog went on to doggie heaven and now little Casey is an only dog. She seems to be managing well so far, but I know it’s only a matter of time before we will realize that she needs another buddy!

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