Horse Pucky: That Clinic

The pinnacle of equine achievement.




5 thoughts on “Horse Pucky: That Clinic

    • Hi Elizabeth,
      It’s definitely in the element of poking fun. I was flipping through a bunch of equine magazines that featured tons of advertisements for natural horsemanship trainers. Every ad had the trainer sitting, standing or laying across a horse that was laying down. It just struck me as being really funny that climbing all over a horse when it’s in its most vulnerable position was like a symbol of the new standard of NH training excellence.

      Perhaps the “sitting/standing/reclining on the laying down horse” represents trust or obedience, but my concern was more for the horse’s internal organs supporting the weight of the human standing on its kidneys. It’s one thing to sit on a horse with its four legs supporting its body, I think it’s a whole ‘nuther ball of wax to sit/stand/recline on a horse without out the structural support of their legs. I’m not sure their rib cage is up for the challenge. I’ve seen plenty of horses mount each other while standing, but never while lying down. I think that’s a human thing 🙂

      Thanks for the comment!


  1. He he. I took it as poking fun at how lots of people get all preoccupied with how they can use some NH technique other to get their horse to lie down/go backwards/follow them around in a round pen, and lose sight of how this is supposed to be so that you can get the horse to do other, useful stuff too.

    • Exactly! Yes I was totally poking fun at all the things that we try to get horses to do that we do just to see if they will do them. (I’m not pointing fingers, I swear) I think the horses enjoy doing things that have a purpose for them as well as fulfilling a useful purpose for us…more of a symbiotic approach.

      Thanks so much for your comment,

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