Bad Becoming Normal

‘Bad becoming normal’ is simply the concept that when something bad happens within an environment, gradually but prolifically, it becomes perceived as “normal.” Unless you approach the situation from a clean perspective, you don’t notice it. The conditions worsen slowly over time and no one notices the change.
Shanyn Silinski with Dr. Temple Grandin & Dr. Bill Muir

After I read about this concept of bad becoming normal my thoughts immediately began pondering the current state of whack’em, smack’em horsemanship. It’s not only become normal to whack, slap, stomp, shush, wave horses into obedience it’s what’s expected. Continue reading


Pure Gold

I feel like I’ve struck gold! I’ve always known that positive reinforcement training for horses is a simple and easy way to train. I have plenty of personal experience to know that it works wonders, but now I have science on my side to explain WHY it works so well. Continue reading

Training Humans with Chocolate!

Check it out. Positive reinforcement training goes mainstream on the sitcom The Big Bang Theory.

Here’s a scene where Sheldon is trying to modify the annoying habits of Leonard’s new girlfriend and neighbor Penny.

The scene continues.

Nothing like a little operant conditioning humor!