Guess What?

There is a new fantastic magazine online called Going Gaited.

The talented editors Tracey Buckalew and Teri Overbey have conspired to create a fabulous resource for gaited horse enthusiasts.

One visit and you’ll know why. This magazine has something for everyone, even if you’re not familiar with the glide ride of a gaited horse. I can’t wait for you to see the stunning photography and great articles ranging from veterinary advice, behavior and gait training and so much more.

And, yours truly has joined their panel of experts to be on hand to assist with training questions. My new monthly column shares the same name as this blog. You can find my stuff under Clicker and Attraction-Based Training.

This month I was honored to be the featured guest writer in the All About YOU section. This section provides an opportunity to gush unabashedly about your hooved babies.

A new issue appears every month.

This is definitely a magazine that will make you feel good. This month the featured breed is the Paso Fino, a breed near and dear to my heart. Both Romeo and Juliet, my first painters, are Paso Finos. If you want to see some amazing examples of the breed, the November issue of Going Gaited will leave you smiling.



One thought on “Guess What?

  1. I’ve been a fairly regular reader of Goinggaited, online magazine.

    Please tell me what’s happened to it. I really enjoyed and relied on it.


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