My Monthly Column on Going Gaited Magazine

I thought you might like to take a gander at my latest musings about attraction-based training in December’s issue of Going Gaited Magazine. Not only do I write about attraction-based horse training, I also include a bit about moth and kitten training. Fun stuff for sure! And a really great magazine.



2 thoughts on “My Monthly Column on Going Gaited Magazine

  1. Hi Mary,
    Thanks so much for your support and encouragement. Your positive reinforcement is very motivating and appreciated!

    My ‘moth moment’ makes me wonder just how many more ways I can continue to use attraction-based interactions rather than force. It was really spectacular to see the pale, little, fluttery moth targeting the beam of light like a magnet and I didn’t have to click/treat!

    Thanks too for spreading the word about Going Gaited. The editors are really wonderful and there’s a ton of great content on a variety of subjects, not just gaited horses.

    Many thanks,

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