New Paintings, Palominos and Mind Reading

New paintings have arrived, but not without a story involving my muse, DaVinci.

DaVinci is my gelding recovering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. I’m not certain if he’ll ever fully recover, but the journey continues to amaze, like today for example, where I think he read my mind and painted what he saw! Continue reading


Identity Crisis?

There are so many words in our vocabulary yet none of them seems to help me define definitively what label I place on the type of training I do.

Even when I say the word ‘training’ it makes me feel a little uncomfortable. I feel like my work-play with my horses is more about a dialogue, or a conversation, even verging on communion. To say ‘training’ evokes images of a teacher and student. More often than not, my horses are the teacher, and I am the student.

Here is a fabulous article by a dog trainer encountering a similar conundrum called Why is Positive a Negative, by Gillian Ridgeway, from a website I dearly love, called Dog Star Daily.

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Painting Horses on Local TV

What a day! With 45 minutes advance notice, I had a local news crew in my humble backyard to do a story on my painting horses. Suddenly I morphed into a pitch fork, shovel, lipstick-wielding human tornado. I managed to set up my painting station, groom four horses, groom me, attempt to fill the craters dug by my terriers, clean paddocks and top off my treat pouch. Whew!

Here’s a link to the story with video.

The story featured both my youngest and oldest painters. Raleigh the Clydesdale, as the youngest, never ceases to amaze me with his focus and maturity for a four-year-old. Continue reading