Seal with a Kiss

I double dare you to watch this video with out letting an “awwww” or even a tiny tear escape. On so many levels I love this video. The first level, is the intent. Both participants appeared to want nothing other than to be in each others company. The other is the dynamics of the attraction-based communication. Individually, they were simply attracted into interacting with each other. No force, no tension just pure looking forward to what pleasant thing would happen next. I think this would be a clear example of Dr. Jaak Panksepp’s “Seeking Emotion” in action. Both seal and human were, judging by the reactions, very curious about each other. My Seeking Emotion was totally engaged as I was watching, asking questions like “What’s going to happen next? Are they going kiss? Do seal have teeth?”

The other aspect I found so inspiring was the amount of trust exchanged between two very different species. Yet, somehow, they arrived at the same beautiful place of exploration and communication.

On a personal level, I can’t help but notice the similarity between the seal and my overweight Chi-Pom cross, Cheeka (below). They both like to roll around on their well padded backs in hopes of attracting a little snuggle time. And by golly, it works!



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