Teaching a Horse to Lie Down

My column this month for the online magazine Going Gaited took place in the form of a viewer workshop. A wonderful woman and her equally wonderful Rocky Mountain mare participated in a month long project designed to teach her gorgeous mare to lie down on cue. I hope you enjoy their journey as much as I did! Read all about it here:


2 thoughts on “Teaching a Horse to Lie Down

  1. Hi there.
    The link doesn’t seem to be working any more – I even searched the magazine (no luck).

    I’m really interested in learning how to do this.

    I found your web site through web searches for roan clydes, as I am about to bring home *my* baby Clyde (she is 2.5 years old), and she is a lovely roan who looks much like your “baby”.

    So I have lots of time with her – and want to start her much like you did Raleigh.



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