New Interview!

I was recently interviewed by Regis and Kelly. Just kidding. Even better!  I was interviewed by the dynamic duo of Anna Twinney and Vincent Mancarella for a podcast on their fabulous website Reach Out to Horses. What a blast I had!  Anna, with her hypnotic British accent, and Vin, his witty and warm sense of humor made me feel right at home. Here’s how they described our time together and how to hear the podcast:

Cheryl Ward – Interspecies Collaborative Artist, Author, Spiritual Explorer & Creator of

Can Horses Really Paint?

Find out as Anna and Vin interview Cheryl about this extraordinary talent of both human and horses.  She will tell us how she came to develop this amazing artistry.  You will meet the many equine artists she works with and learn just how they create these very special and individual works of art.

Cheryl shares her experience of food as reward and weighs in on the commonly held notion that horses just want to hang out in their pasture all day, eat and be left alone.  She also explains how she successfully uses positive reinforcement training and high value rewards to not only teach the horses how to paint but to heal past traumas and create an environment of fun and exploration.   She doesn’t simply teach them to paint.  All her fellow equine artists enjoy their time at the canvas and look forward to expressing their unique voices through the paint.

Join us for this 2-part conversation and find out how Cheryl’s painting horses can help you with your training and your relationship with your own equine companions.

And best of all, it’s completely FREE!

Click Here to register and listen on
The Reaching Out with Anna Twinney Podcast
There’s nothing like it anywhere!

This is your opportunity to learn from the best of the best! You will hear interviews of legends in Natural Horsemanship and Training, Animal Communication, Healing, Alternative Modalities and more.  Nowhere else will you find this caliber of guests in one spot… Anywhere!

People like Madeleine Pickens, Frank Weller, Linda Tellinton-Jones, Carolyn Resnick, and Franklin Levinson… just to name a few.

And the best part is that it’s FREE!

All interviews are free up until a week after all the episodes of each guest are aired.  Then, if you should happen to miss them, you can download the entire conversation for a small fee.  All you need is a computer and an internet connection (which you already have if you are reading this), and you can take advantage of this incredible resource.  So go to, tune in and get informed and inspired!

About Your Host:
Anna Twinney is an internationally respected Animal Communicator, Equine Specialist, Natural Horsemanship Clinician, and Reiki Master.  She has been featured on TV, national and international magazines and travels the world educating people and horses working in the horse’s own language.  As the founder of the Reach Out to Horses® program, she remains on the cutting-edge of genuine, gentle communication techniques with all our planetary companions.  For more information on Anna & the Reach Out to Horses program go to

Reach Out to Horses     Golden, Colorado




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