Life Under Construction

You know when you visit a new website and click a link or placeholder and see “Under construction”? I feel like I need to slap a sticky tab with that message on my forehead for all to see.

My life is undergoing a major change that must be lumped into the category of ‘under construction.’ For the past decade I’ve been wrestling unsuccessfully with complications from celiac disease, which made me feel like my health was under destruction. Extreme chronic fatigue, massive joint pain, unbearable brain fog – these were my constant companions. This often made me feel like a complete hypocrite with a blog title starting with I Feel Good. It should have read I, ‘Feel Like Death, but my horses feel good.’

I wasn’t a complete hypocrite, thanks to the attraction-based positive reinforcement training. Even though I could barely lift a hoof, I always new that they felt validated, confident and rewarded by our interactions. And I in turn felt some relief seeing them in state of relaxation and joy, in spite of the fact my health was spiraling into a deep pit.

As of three months ago, the angels of the Internet tossed down a lifeline. I found a new diet that is totally reconstructing the devastation that years of incorrect diet wreaked on my poor body. This diet is called the Specific Carbohydrate Diet (SCD) and is designed for those suffering from Celiac Disease, Crohns, Irritable Bowl Syndrome and even symptoms relating to Autism.

It goes way beyond the traditional gluten-free diet, (which I had been very faithful to, with little improvement) into the healing properties of eating ‘specific’ monosaccharides and eliminating the complex carbs that laid waste to my ability to digest foods.

So far this diet has brought me back to the land of the living. I can almost speak in complete sentences since the brain fog has lifted. I can even open jars again! Yay! I haven’t needed massive infusions of caffeine to stay focused. I’ve literally been leaping out of bed instead of needing a front loader to haul me out.

Because of this major reconstruction, I’m taking what may be a permanent break from creating paintings with my horses. It’s been seven years of joy and discovery. It’s as if this amazing cycle is coming to a close and a new one is beginning. Hopefully one where I can honestly say, I FEEL GOOD!

I have no idea what the new cycle holds. It’s a bit terrifying (maybe exhilarating), actually, because for the first time in my life I’m starting a new cycle with zero vision, except to see clearly and heal.

Meet Peggy Hogan
Although I will not be selling paintings, I’d like to introduce you to a phenomenal trainer who is. I’m thrilled to introduce you to Peggy Hogan and her website, Clicker Training Horses. She currently has two miniature horses delighting audiences everywhere. Take a look at ‘Handsome as a Salvation Army Bell Ringer.’ It looks like there is no place he’d rather be than with Peggy and performing.

And then see ‘McKee’ in action as he paints. Of all the horses I’ve seen paint, I’d be the most thrilled to have a painting by him. Each stroke seems to generate such enthusiasm and joy that, without a doubt, a painting by him would most certainly fill your home with the same!

The Future
Thank you for all your past purchases of paintings, your support of my blog and in sharing the journey of attraction-based training. If the brain fog stays away, I hope to expand this blog to areas of healing through diet, my musings on both dog and horse training and the mind blowing power of positive reinforcement for all!



4 thoughts on “Life Under Construction

    • Your three words brought tears of joy to my eyes. Thank you so much, for what I’m believing, is a prophetic message from you. So powerful, so welcome and so appreciated.
      With sincere and humble thanks,

  1. Hi, Cheryl,
    It’s been awhile since I’ve had the time to look at your website, something I enjoyed doing whenever I wasn’t bogged down with other things. What joy to watch you and your equine artists having so much fun. I loved Trixie’s unique technique (no rhyming intended) with her first painting. Thank you also for sharing your journey to wellness, as celiac disease is now so prevalent. I will be looking into that special diet, and will be eternally grateful to you if it helps me as well.
    I hope someday to meet you in person when you decide that a visit to Vancouver, BC is in your travel plans.
    Happy trails to you
    Natalie Speckmaier

    • Natalie!

      So great to hear from you! Thanks so much for taking the time to write and comment.

      And yes, The Specific Carbohydrate Diet has been no less than a miracle for me. No doubt it will help you as well. Feel free to email me if you have any questions. I’m really excited to share the successes because I didn’t think this level of health was possible. I totally thought I had rheumatoid arthritis because of how my joints would swell and ache—not anymore. It’s been so bizarre to anticipate pain and then realize there isn’t any. Sam has been eating this way as well even though he has no diet related issues and he looks as if he has been working out with weights, which he hasn’t. The diet seems to be very supportive of nourishing the muscles, tissues etc as well as helping rid the body of excess fat and we eat tons of healthy fat. I always had to watch my weight as I would gain easily, now I eat as much as what I want on the diet and am the same weight and size that I was as an athlete in high school/college.

      Sometimes the diet can be challenging because my old taste buds beg me for comfort foods laden with sugars and starches that cause inflammation and destruction. Fortunately those cravings pale in comparison to how good I feel so the diet it keeps getting easier and easier.

      I found a SCD blog that is super informative and supportive. It has awesome, progressive information as well as ton of folks that follow the diet with similar positive outcomes. Here’s a link to their blog called SCD Lifestyle: Healing Digestion with the Specific Carbohydrate Diet:

      Vancouver here we come!


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