Positive Reinforcement (and cheese) to the Rescue

I was driving home yesterday when I spied a dog running loose along the busy road at the entrance of my neighborhood. Her black muzzle and smooth fawn colored coat created a perfect camouflage amongst the roadside autumn leaves.  In my rear view mirror I saw a line of cars approaching. Continue reading


Free downloads on Books Page

Check out these feel good stories now available on the Books page.

Home Sweet Home with Romeo & Juliet

Starring my two Paso Fino horses, this children’s picture book is about two adorable horses who move into a house and eat cake with a Chihuahua.

This is a book I wrote and my husband photographed. We also built horse size sets just for this project. We were inspired by seeing how much Romeo and Juliet loved to paint and interact with their environment.

We decided to really let them interact by creating a story where they get to pack suitcases, cuddle with stuffed animals and wield giant forks. Scenes were choreographed in advance. Romeo took his job very seriously whereas Juliet loved to improvise.

And Cheeka the Chihuahua did what she does best – being absolutely darling! This is a great book for a bedtime story. You can buy printed copies online. (It even got five stars on Amazon!)

What Should I Do Today?

This little story was written and photographed by my daughter when she was 16 and stars our four-legged fuzzies. See how four playful pups spend their day together baking cookies, reading and playing dress up.

Both are free to download in PDF format.