Photos of Tire Pedestals Now Posted

If you’d like to see how I make my tire pedestals, I’ve added a few photos to my previous post, Tires and the Power of Choice. As far as the tire size, I really like 48 inches wide. It gives the horse plenty of room to negotiate and I think it adds to the stability. The only drawback is that tires that wide often have tall sides, which is why I bury them a few inches. Burying them also enhances the stability.

Should you decide to build your own, please build at your own risk. I don’t sell the tires or the plans. I only offer the photos as an example of what I’ve built and what has been working for me. Continue reading

Tires and the Power of Choice


My latest training fascination is working with all four horses simultaneously at liberty. No halters, no enclosures, nothing forcing them to hang with me, except, well, their tire pedestals.

We started with one very large tire we found for free. It was about 48 in. across and 18 in. high, with nice, sturdy sides. Continue reading