Horse Pucky: Money Makers

Wouldn’t it be nice?




2 thoughts on “Horse Pucky: Money Makers

  1. hello! i just wanted you to know i really laugh so hysterically at your cartoons, i am a person who pictures everything as if it were happening and you have such fun talent, i am also a horse owner. i have worked with all different breeds, but now enjoy saddlebreds and saddleseat. well thanks for the laughs!

    • Hi Crystal,
      Thank you! The timing of your comment is actually pretty funny as well. We were just at an event where my horse’s paintings were displayed and we printed out a few cartoons for folks to read. I was getting a little concerned because I kept hearing folks as they were reading them say “I don’t get it?” Then, I’d hear the horse person standing next to them explain the cartoon, and then I’d hear “Oh, now I get it.” (It was then I heaved a sigh of relief-whew!) Thank you for your added assurance!

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