More “Good Becoming Normal” Videos

In my ongoing quest to find and share examples of attraction-based training I found these two clicker trainers.

This trainer has 19 amazing videos on her YouTube channel. I love the videos teaching her horse to do belly crunches. A valuable exercise for any horse.

This trainer has a whopping 136 videos of wonderful videos sure to make you smile and say wow.


6 thoughts on “More “Good Becoming Normal” Videos

  1. Hi, love your blog. Any chance you can find videos that are not on YouTube? The government of the country in which I live has banned all YouTube access for the last two years. You have no idea what a monopoly YouTube has until you are blocked from almost every single video posted on blogs and websites…

    • Kizgikate–

      Do you have access to vimeo?

      I have some videos there and I know a few others have some clicker training videos. Not as many there as on youtube, though, unfortunately.

      Here is my Nika learning the parelli friendly game at liberty:

      And some others of me clicker training some of our horses:

      Here is a video I love of a very creative horse playing with cones and rings:

      Judy Ryder has quite a few videos on vimeo:
      As does Leslie Pavlich:

      Search the site for “clicker horse” or “clicker training horse” and there are several other users with videos as well.

      Does that help?


      Mary H.

      P.S. Where do you live? (Just curious.)

    • Thank you so much. You’ve inspired me to start finding video from other places, and I’ll totally look into posting my videos on vimeo as well. Great suggestion. Meanwhile, I hope the list Mary H. provided will be helpful.

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