Painting Horse Going to the Dogs!, my website for horses that paint on canvas with brushes in their mouths, has expanded to include canines! Here is short video of my dog Trixie painting her very first painting on canvas board.

She has developed her own unique and dramatic stroke style perhaps endowed by her terrier genetics to grasp hold of small (usually fast moving critters) objects and shake them into submission.

Typically her trademark move involves grabbing a toy and rapidly shaking it side-to-side. She’d be dangerous with a pair of nunchuks! With a paint brush, however, she’s got an almost 180 degree vertical swing.

Of all my dogs, I thought Trixie would be the most difficult to teach to paint, because she’s, well, a terrier.  A few of her favorite things include scaling the fence on garbage day and suddenly turning deaf, and digging under the fence every other day and suddenly turning deaf. This process of teaching her to paint has opened my eyes to a dream dog I never knew I had. I now realize her garbage day romps were simply her way of telling me, “I’m bored! I need something to do!”

Stay tuned for more painting dog videos!




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